PMBC Research Bulletin is dedicated to marine science and biodiversity in Thai water on the western edge of the Coral Tringle which is recognized as the most diverse tropical marine biological area in the world. Our URL is http://www.dmcr.go.th/pmbcbulletin/.


We are pleased to present PMBC Research Bulletin No. 78 which covers aspects on biodiversity, ecology, coastal management, and oceanography. Papers dealing with biodiversity include some results from the Biodiversity of the Andaman Sea (BIOSHELF) project: one paper with a description of a new species of the deep-water fish genus Cociella. Four papers cover deep-sea fish orders. The first of them includes Albuliformes, Ateleopodiformes, and Lampriformes. The second includes Argentiniformes. The third includes Perciformes. The fourth includes Pleuronectiformes, and Tetraodontiformes. Another biodiversity paper, based on a thorough morphological and molecular investigation, adds a species of peanut worms (Sipuncula) to the fauna of Thailand. The sixth biodiversity paper, also based on morphology and molecular biology, is a review of the jellyfish genus Phyllorhiza from the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. The ecology paper covers an investigation of the phytoplankton flora from the Phra Thong Island, the Andaman Sea. Sixty-five species of planktonic algae were found. Their occurrence was linked to hydrography and environmental factors by the use of multivariate methods. One paper is within the field of Coastal Zone Management. It shows how the tourist industry has the potential to promote coral reef conservation activities. The oceanography paper summarizes the characteristics of the water masses in the South Andaman Shelf Sea during different monsoon seasons and how they are also influenced by freshwater runoff.

The editorial office has learned that Professor emeritus Jørgen Hylleberg passed away on 29. September 2019. He was a highly esteemed person with numerous activities in Thailand, and in particular the Phuket Marine Biological Center since 1979. Numerous friends in Thailand, Denmark and elsewhere will miss him and remain grateful for his support and friendship. A special volume of PMBC Research Bulletin will be published in order to commemorate Prof. em. Jørgen Hylleberg.


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