Definition and declaration.

ASEAN Heritage Park is classified as the regional marine protected area established under the collaboration of ASEAN’s countries, in the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Environment held on December 18, 2003 in Burma, in which the ASEAN declarations regarding ASEAN Heritage Park was certified. The objectives of the establishment of the ASEAN Heritage Park are as the followings:

To create management system in order to administrate both marine, terrestrial natural resources management, and recreational areas to be sustainably functioned. It also aims to develop the managerial mechanisms, forms, and plans using within the area.

To reduce conflict of the use of natural resources, the problems of illegal invasion and the illegal possession of land within the ASEAN Heritage Park area, by using legal processes.

To increase understandings and knowledge of people, students, and tourists related to natural resources and environments and the importance of ASEAN Heritage Park.

To promote conducting the researches and studies regarding both marine and terrestrial ecosystem.