Definition and declaration

The preservation fisheries are the protected area established under Fisheries Act B.E. 2490, amended in B.E. 2496 and B.E. 2528. The “Preservation Fisheries” means the fisheries that lay within the adjoining to the boundaries of a monastery, zone of the locks, regulators, weirs or dams, or places, which are suitable for the conservation of aquatic animals. The preservation fisheries has law provisions, concerned with the scope and characteristics of the area, including Article 4 (Item 5): definition of the “Fishing Ground”, Article 6: category of fisheries, Article 7: announcement of preservation fisheries, Article 8: definition of the “preservation fisheries”, and seven articles concerned with protection of aquatic animals include Article 4 (Item 2), Article 17, Article 18, Article 19, Article 20, Article 21 and Article 22.