Causes of Oil Spill in the Coastal of Thailand

From the records of oil spill statistic in Thailand by Marine Department and Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the major causes were summarized in following: -  Activities of oil and petroleum industry such as natural gas separation industry, oil refinery industry, petrochemical product industry and oil transportation. - Accidents of ships in coastal area such as oil tanker “Eastern Fortitude” was grounded at “Hin Chalam” Chon Buri province and cargo ship “Kota Wijaya” was collided with “Sky Ace” off Laem Chabang Seaport, Chon Buri province. - Illegal releasing of used oil or untreated waste from the ships such as cargo ship, fisheries ships and tourism ships. - Other related activities were released the wastes such as land transportation. information : Marine and Coastal Resources Research & Development Institute Date : April 11, 2560