Management of Marine Debris

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources realizes on the increasing impacts of marine debris on marine organisms, marine ecosystem, and people’s quality of life. Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Extension, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources initiated the concept in order to systemically clean the beaches. With the collaboration of Green Fins Association and Ocean Conservancy, International Coastal Cleanup was firstly launched in 2008 with the practices and implementation based on the suggested principles of international beach cleaning. The goals of this project are to effectively gather relevant data, to build up network among agencies and local organizations in order to operate campaigns and learning activities regarding marine, and to increase number of volunteers and cleaning areas. In addition to the international beach cleanup, all sectors should cooperate with each other in order to collect, reduce, and manage marine debris, laid on the beaches, in appropriate ways such as reduction of resource utilization, effective use of resources, enhancing efficiency of waste collection, providing and raising tourists and fishers’ awareness and knowledge of appropriate waste management, etc.  

Figure  Beach cleanup activities