The Impact of Marine Debris on Environment

Waste reduces and obscures the natural beauty of tourism area and pollutes them such as beaches, coral reefs, beaches, etc., especially,  in the important tourism areas like Ko Lanta of Krabi province, Patong Beach of Phuket province, Pattaya and Bangsaen Beach of Chonburi province. Much more accumulation of wastes, especially plastic wastes, was found on the beaches resulting in a decrease of tourists and affecting to the local economic system.  

Some wastes could harm to human such as sharpen garbage and toxic wastes, additionally, dumping the toxic wastes into the sea generates an accumulation of toxicity in the environment and food web in ecosystem.

Many aquatic animals are dead because they ingest marine debris that they mistake for food. Furthermore, marine animals can become entangled with rob and net obstructing them to float up for breathing. 

The coral reefs in Thailand have been considerably affected by marine debris, especially, the offshore pinnacles where the fish are abundant and fisheries are intensive. For examples, the coral reefs around Ko Ran Ped, Ko Ran Kai, pinnacles in Chumporn province etc. are often covered by nets (GreenFin, UNEP, B.E. 2550).