Criteria for placement

The Fishery Department specifies rules in determining areas for the building of artificial reefs as follows

the arrangement of artificial reefs are under the demand of local fishers and conformed with the types of fishing gears and fishery areas

for the safety of maritime navigation, the water level above the artificial reefs during the lowest tide must be not less than 6 meters deep

condition of the sea floor is appropriate, must not be too muddy, and the artificial reefs must not be penetrated into the mud more than 20cm.

the implementing areas shall be approved by the Marine Habitats Construction Committee which involves the representatives from Department of Fishery, Royal Thai Navy, Marine Department, Educational Institutions, Office of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy and Planning

the artificial reefs must not be established near the estuary where rapid changes in salinity are occurred during rainy season

it must not be an area having high level of suspended sediments because such sediments may cover the surfaces of artificial reefs obstructing recruitment for sessile organisms

it must not obstruct water way

it must not be arranged in the restricted area such as Royal areas, navigational channels, ports and marinas, oil and gas wells, concession areas for mining and bird's nest etc.

it must not be the sensitive areas in terms of national security such as military zone, areas for military exercises and trainings, boarders etc.