PMBC Research Bulletin

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No. Title Author(s) Process
Received Date Revisions Accepted Date DOI
1 Observed seasonal and tidal variability of sea level and current on the Andaman Shelf Chalermrat Sangmanee, Jingsong Guo, Yuhuan Xue, Fangli Qiao and Somkiat Khokiattiwong  27/10/2020 /     14/07/2021 10.14456/pmbcrb.2021.17
2 Morphological and molecular examinations of a northwestern Indian Ocean population of the African angelshark, Squatina cf. africana Regan, 1908  Tassapon Krajangdara, Jenjit Khudamrongsawat, Chanikarn Chaorattana, Pattarapon Promnun, Simon Weigmann 11/3/2021 / 14/07/2021 10.14456/pmbcrb.2021.18
3 Oegopsid squids collected in a midwater trawl survey in the Andaman Sea near Thailand Charuay Sukhsangchan, Sonthaya Phuynoi, Nipa Kulanujaree, Pawida Prasopsook, Itsaret Poungthong, Suthicha Phukaokaew, Thanut Srikum, Nirun Choosuan and Tasawan Khawsejan 27/4/2021 / 31/08/2021 10.14456/pmbcrb.2022.1
4 The amphipod (Crustacea: Peracarida) of the Southeast Asia and the neighbouring waters: an updated checklist with new records of endemic species Azman Abdul Rahim, Kamini Sivajothy, Balqis Balqiah Biniti Shafie, Nurshazwan Ja’Afar, Koraon Wongkamhaeng, Somchai Bussarawit, Ali Eimran Alip, Lee Yen-Ling, Ephrime B. Metillo and Maria Elma Q. Won 22/06/2021 / 29/09/2021 10.14456/pmbcrb.2022.2
5 Diet and feeding habits of predatory fishes around anchored fish aggregating devices in Thai waters in the Andaman Sea Watcharapong Chumchuen and Natinee Sukramongkol 14/10/2021 / 09/04/2022 10.14456/pmbcrb.2022.3
6 The genus Chrysaora (Scyphozoa: Pelagiidae) in coastal waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand Isara Arsiranant, Jie Xiao, Apisara Nakpan, Charatsee Aungtonya, Purinat Rungraung and Xuelei Zhang 9/2/2022 / 29/04/2022 10.14456/pmbcrb.2022.4
7 Nemipteridae in the Reference Collection, Phuket Marine Biological Center, with the first record of Nemipterus metopias from the Andaman Sea Surapong Banchongmane, Thanchanok Auntreechan, Charatsee Aungtonya, Thiwapakot Panbow and Eknarin Rodcharoen 9/08/2021 /    
8 Interannual flow through the Malacca Strait and underlying mechanism Chalermrat Sangmanee 15/12/2021 /