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When we received the message that our long-term friend, colleague, and mentor, Jørgen Hylleberg, had passed away on 29 September 2019, the idea of assembling a special volume of the Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin to honor his close association since 1979 with the center and his influence in the establishment of the Reference Collection. As founding father of the Tropical Marine Mollusc Programme, Jørgen Hylleberg has created an international network of malacologists, which has continued long after the formal closure of the program in 2004. First we had to convince the Director of PMBC and former editor-in-chief of the Research Bulletin, Dr. Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, that the publishing of this volume was a worthy cause, and he assured us that funding for the publication would be available. For this we are very grateful. 


The next step was contacting prospective authors, and for this, the TMMP network proved its continued value. In December 2019, a letter was sent to several former TMMP participants and resource persons. In January 2020, a list of preliminary titles from 13 corresponding authors in 8 countries had been assembled. Then the world was hit by the corona pandemic, and several countries were in more or less tight lock-down for several months. At this point, we as guest editors were worried whether authors would be able to submit their manuscripts by 1 October 2020, which had been set as the deadline. One author, Dr. Ole Tendal, Natural History Museum of Denmark, passed away in April 2020 (not from corona as far as we know), and one manuscript thus had to be deleted from the preliminary list. Dr. Tendal has been an ardent contributor to the BIOSHELF project, providing expert training in macrobenthic sampling techniques to Thai marine scientists. 


In late September, we began receiving the first manuscripts and several letters asking for a short extension of the deadline. By the end of October, all except one manuscript had been submitted and had subsequently been sent for peer review. Again, the TMMP network proved valuable; several former resource persons agreed to review manuscripts and/or provided names for other suitable reviewers. In this connection we received the sad message that a former TMMP resource person, Prof. Kurt W. Ockelmann, formerly at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Helsingør, Denmark, passed away on 15 January 2021 at the age of 96. Prof. Ockelmann had participated in the 5th Thai-Danish Expedition in 1966, and he served as co-supervisor of a number of Thai students during their studies in Denmark as well as participating in several TMMP congresses and workshops. When this volume was in the final stages of completion, another sad message came from India that prof. K. Ayyakkannu, a TMMP member and the former director of the Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Annamalai University passed away on 13 April 2021


In the end, all submitted manuscripts have been accepted after minor or major revisions and improvements. We would like to express our gratitude to all authors for their valuable contributions carried out under difficult circumstances during the corona pandemic. It has been a pleasure to read manuscripts and see how they improved after revisions. The scope of the included papers reflects the broad expertise of authors, the research focus of countries and institutions of authors. We are convinced that this volume will be a long-lasting evidence of the tremendous impact of Jørgen Hylleberg on marine research in Southeast Asia.


We also thank all reviewers (see list below) for expert comments and helpful suggestions, sometimes under short time constraints. Thank you for considering this volume a worthwhile undertaking and for agreeing to assist authors and editors to obtain a volume of international standard. 


This memorial volume would not be complete without the contributions of the people submitting Preface (Dean Surivan Tunkijjanukij), Introduction (Dr. Anuwat  Nateewathana), Obituary and Publication list of Jørgen Hylleberg (Dr. Tomas Cedhagen) and the summary of the M.Sc. program at Aarhus University (Dr. Vibeke Simonsen). Thank you for making the volume special. 


We thank TMMP members (Anuwat Nateewathana, Charatsee Aungtonya, Delianis Pringgenies, Ferdinand Yulinda, Jintana Nugranad, Koh Siang Tan, Medy Ompi, Sanchai Tandavanij, Somchai Bussarawit, Supot Chantarapornsilp, Tomas Cedhagen, besides ourselves) who sent us many photos of Jørgen showing him at work and leisure during his long career. Due to limited space, we have only been able to include a few, although we would have liked to show them all.


We are particularly grateful to the formal editorial team of PMBC Research Bulletin and especially Dr. Charatsee Aungtonya - without her professional expertise and experience the editorial process would have been considerably more laborious. For the smooth processing and technical assistance with sometimes complicated, illustrations we thank you all.


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